Electronic Lorry / Truck Weighing Bridge


We manufacture

  • Pitless Surface Mounted Weigh Bridge
  • Shallow Pit Weigh Bridge
  • We also undertake conversion from existing mechanical Weigh bridge to fully computerised Electronic Weigh bridge or Electro – Mechanical Weigh bridge.

    Standard features

    RS 232C Port for PC link -up and 8-. Column Alpha Numeric Printer. Special PC Based software can be designed as per customer’s requirement.


    These are heart of the weighbridge its construction of high alloy tool steel provides optimum protection under impact loading and adverse conditions. The cell is Environmentally protected with waterproof seal and is electro less nickel –plated to assure resistance against corrosion.


    This is the brain of the weighbridge .our weight indicator incorporate state –of art 8088 microprocessor for the last and accurate functioning of the weighbridge .the bright green 13 mm LED Display provide provide for easy reading .indicators has connectivity to Computer interface.


  • Electronic Weighbridge with Zener Barriers and flameproof housing for operation in hazardous area ,duly certified by CMRI, Dhanbad ,for use in Hazardous area Zone IIA, IIB like Petroleum /Gas plants/
  • Users: HPCL, BPCL, IOCL, IBP etc.
  • Customization as per customer requirement also can be undertaken.

    Capacity Resolution Pan/platform
    (Tolerance +/- 10%)
    10 tons 2 kg 5m x 2.5m
    20 tons 5 kg 6m x 3m
    30 tons 5 kg 7.5m x 3m
    30 tons 5 kg 9m x 3m
    30 tons 10 kg 10m x 3m
    40 tons 10 kg 12m x 3m
    50 tons 10 kg 14m x 3m
    60 tons 20 kg 16m x 3m
    60 tons 20 kg 18m x 3m
    100 tons 20 kg 18m x 3m

    We undertaken design and commissioning of any standard /non –standard ,Road /Rail ,Pit/Pitless Type Weighbridge /Weighing platform of any size and capacity from 5 Ton to 100 Tons.

    All are scales are having Model Approval from Ministry of Consumer Affairs & Public Distribution New Delhi.

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